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Lemonaid Lime (24x330ml)

Honest soft drinks are actually very easy to produce. Simply mix pure juice with a little cane sugar and sparkling water – done! We never use any additives or artificial flavours; why improve on perfection? That’s how it’s done across the globe, from smiling Sri Lankan juice-wallahs at beaches to suburban children with stands on the pavement.
Then one day the lightbulb went on. What if, instead of making lemonade for pocket money, like those children, we make it for a good cause?

Lemonaid Passion Fruit (24x330ml)

Have you ever had lemonade, but made with passion fruit rather than lemons? No, neither had we.

Lemonaid Blood Orange (24x330ml)

Our latest product contains more juice than any other: Plenty of blood orange juice topped up with grapefruit, orange, lemon and a hint of cherry. Could it get any better? New soft drink – time-honoured concept: fresh, organic ingredients without any additives, Fairtrade-certified.

Lemonaid Ginger (24x330ml)

Organic gingerade. Made with Fairtrade ingredients. Squeezed from organic fruits without squeezing the growers. Every bottle sold also supports social projects in the growing regions. Now that's refreshing.

ChariTea Red (24x330ml)

*Zero VAT* Less is more. The list of all the things our tea doesn’t contain is long – caffeine, refined sugar, artificial flavourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers. We don’t need any of that - our organic South African brew gets its sweet taste from agave, passion fruit and elderberry. Even the very young love it.

ChariTea Green (24x330ml)

*Zero VAT* Wellness – now available in bottle form. A lot of the good stuff, but few calories – that’s our green tea’s mantra. Our organic hero from Sri Lanka has already taken the yoga studios by storm. Freshly brewed with a dose of honey and a subtle note of Indian ginger – it’s a liquid sun salutation.

ChariTea Black (24x330ml)

*Zero VAT* This is no ordinary quick cuppa on the run – this is a delicious way to enjoy a particularly fine tea, even when you don’t have time for finger sandwiches, dainty little cakes and your best china. Zap that afternoon energy slump with an updated classic, Sri Lankan tea with a twist of lemon – organic and fairly traded, of course.

ChariTea Mate (24x330ml)

*Zero VAT* If you want to shake things up a bit – and we do – sometimes you need an invigorating boost. We’ve brewed up something that will wake you up better than any espresso – our mate tea. It’s got plenty of natural caffeine, and comes with a heady dose of Argentinian passion. That’s where it’s organically grown and fairly traded. Cheers, mate.